About Us

Otter Arms is a small, family business that started out of a necessity for organization and grew. Otter Arms offers 3D printed gun stands and accessories.

Otter Arms began not as a business, but as a way to organize our arsenal. Both at the gun safe at home and the lockers at work, the top shelf housed handguns and they were piling up. We started with a very basic gun stand design that was meant to be “universal”. After being unhappy with the results, we focused on different sized posts for different guns, to get the fit just right. Of course, having to print new stands for each gun wasn’t the best, as it took up more room, so our modular design was born. After a few prototypes and failures, we landed where we are now: a very unique, modular design to fit our needs.

People at work started requesting stands of their own. After we acquired a custom themed gun from a local shop, we designed a stand to go along with it. After sharing it, and getting some feedback, the idea to turn an enjoyable hobby into a business began.

We started Otter Arms so we could share our design with fellow lovers of the 2nd Amendment.

All of Otter Arms’ products are proudly made in the USA.

Otter Arms is law enforcement and disabled veteran owned.