Modular Handgun Stand


Single color modular handgun stand with a magazine mount, barrel mount, or both.

Additional inserts are $5 off if purchased with a stand.

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Otter Arms Modular Handgun Stand is a unique design. You no longer have to decide between a “universal” stand that kind of fits most guns, leaving your guns wobbly and at the wrong angle, or a stand that only fits one gun. With our design you can pick a magazine insert that is designed to fit your gun, or a barrel insert that matches the caliber of your gun. All of our stands are printed out PETG and are made in the USA.


  • Multiple insert options to best fit your gun
  • Inserts can be changed to whichever gun you want to display
  • Magazine inserts are designed to sit at the same angle as the magazines, so the gun sits flush on the base
  • Barrel inserts are designed with rounded edges so as not to damage your muzzle or barrel
  • Chamber round can be placed in the corner, so it isn’t sitting loose if you remove it from the chamber

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Don’t see an insert for your gun? Contact Us

View our colors here.

PLA and PETG have low melting temperatures. These are designed for indoor use only. They will melt/warp if left outside, in a vehicle or a hot gun is immediately placed on them after shooting.

These stands are made to order. Please allow up to 10 days for shipping.

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